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testosterone replacement therapy, los angeles, ca

Men's Health and Wellness: helping men feel younger, stronger, and healthier again. 


Normal testosterone levels act to maintain muscle mass, decrease fat stores, and maintain a healthy libido. Testing is done onsite and carefully monitored. If medically necessary, FDA approved products are used in treatments.

Erectile Function

We can help diagnose and treat common male medical conditions like E.D. under professional medical direction we can determine the most effective medical treatment plan.


Complete medical aesthetics. Laser hair removal, treatment of unwanted facial lines, sculpting of problem areas, fillers, and scalp treatments. 

IV Therapies

Vitamins, rehydration,  secretagogues, and FDA approved weight loss treatments.

Therapy Sessions
Medical Literature

More than 200,000 US cases of hypogonadism are diagnosed per year, a medical condition that affects 1-in-3 men over the age of 45. Physician-guided and established treatment  options are available that are proven to aid the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and low libido. Safe and effective, FDA approved products are used to treat medically diagnosed conditions. Find out more about the current science here.

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About Us

Ultimate Male is a physician lead male wellness clinic, including the entire array of men's aesthetic and sexual health. Our physicians are board certified and lead a team of skilled professionals. Our laboratory is onsite and all hormone levels are carefully monitored.

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At Ultimate Male, Your Health Comes First.

Before beginning the medical treatments offered at Ultimate Male, all patients are encouraged to engage in a healthy lifestyle, including: smoking cessation, regular exercise, and a clean healthy diet. Below are some useful links from national organizations (no affiliation with Ultimate Male).

testosterone replacement therapy, los angeles, ca
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